COVID Protocols at First UMC

*Effective 8/15/21*
The CDC recently made a recommendation that all individuals regardless of vaccination status wear masks when in public indoor settings when there is “substantial” or “high” transmission in a given area (Gloucester County is currently seeing “high” levels of transmission).

As we look to care for one another and do our best to follow the guidance given to us, we are going to take the following steps starting 8/15/21:

1. We are now asking the servant leaders who volunteer at our services each week to wear a mask.

2. We continue to require that all staff and servant leaders who are working with children youth wear masks and that students over two who are part of our Children/Youth programs wear masks as well.

3. We strongly recommend that everyone who attends a service in-person wear a mask.

4. Internal Meetings/Small Groups are able to meet in the church building. Groups may also continue to meet online and are welcome to use the Church Zoom account if they desire. For more info on the Zoom account, please contact Pastor Josh:
a. Public or private parties and hall rentals are not available at this time.
b. Church committees and internal groups must reserve their space by contacting the church office in advance ( Groups are encouraged to consider meeting in the Social Hall. This will allow more space between individuals and will also enable the use of our HVAC Air Disinfection system. If groups would like more info on how to use the disinfection system please contact Pastor Josh:

5. We will continue to livestream our worship services at "Church Online" ( and Facebook indefinitely. We encourage you to welcome one another to worship by typing in the comments box on either platform during worship.

One of the challenges that our leadership has faced throughout this pandemic is navigating the continually changing circumstances, honoring those in authority as Scripture (Romans 13) calls us to do, while also being aware of our specific context here at First UMC.

We are extremely grateful for the support and flexibility that the congregation has continually shown throughout this difficult season, even though we recognize that there are many different perspectives on how to respond to the events around us. Thank you very much for your time and prayerful support.